Elite Model Nebulizer Kit


Elite Model


Our new ELITE unit; brings Equine Nebulization to a new level of professionalism and scientifically proven to reach the lungs. – (see scientific proof)

Powerful compressor
Completely enclosed
Two fans to keep unit cool
Preset at correct PSI for maximum nebulization deep into the lungs
Pressure gauge completely enclosed
Two year warranty
Exclusivity with Equi-Resp in North America, South America, Australia and Europe
Comes with all instructions and protocols

Comes complete with the following:

Equine Nebulizer (2 year warranty)
Mask (2 year warranty)
1 bottle EquiSilver
2 medicine cups and tubing, we highly suggest you change the medicine cup and tubing every time you start a new bottle of EquiSilver.
1 bottle Pure Cleaner for mask
Accessories Bag

Breathing treatments for horses can help with a myriad of ailments including, but not limited to:treatment for Heaves
Flapper Issues
Chelated Silver
Guttural Pouch Infections in horses or equine
Respiratory infections in horses or equine
Lung Fungus in horses or equine
Scar tissue in lungs of horse or equine
Viral infections in respiratory or lungs of horses or equine
Silver wound gel for animals
Silver wound spray for animals
Wound care for animals
Coughing in horses or equine
Reducing Lasix in horses or equine
Alternative to Lasix in horses or equine

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