Studies and Articles

Chelated Silver vs Colloid

Anomaly and correlation of killing in the therapeutic properties
of silver (I) chelation with glutamic and tartaric acids…

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The Airways and the Lungs

By the time a horse crosses the finish line
in a five-furlong race…..
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Silver use for Equine Respiratory Disease

A major limiting factor in equine performance
is low grade respiratory tract infections….
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Drugs That Can Be Nebulized

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Track Magazine Story

Take a Deep Breath:
How Respiratory Therapy with Chelated
Silver is Helping Horses Breathe Easier
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Signs of Respiratory Trouble

Indicators of respiratory problems range
from being very subtle to extremely severe…
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Aroma Therapy is not Respiratory Therapy

We seem to be getting more and more questions about using essential oils in a nebulizer.  I wanted to get the information directly from two specialists as to the danger of this practice.
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